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gowutar a20 red dots sight and green dots sight front display

What's the differences between red dot sight and green dot sight?


gowutar a20 red dots sight instal on glock

To answer this question, we must first understand what a red dot sight is and what a green dot sight is. Broadly speaking, they are defined by the color of the target. Next, I will elaborate on the experience difference between them from user’s view.

I use the red dot version and the green dot version of gowutar's A20 micro reflex sight. This can also make a better comparison.

Table of contents

  1. Lens appearance

  2. Transparency and color restoration

  3. Perception of astigmatism

  4. Visual fatigue

Lens appearance

The wavelengths of red light and green light are different, so the mirror coating process of the reflex sight is also different.

gowutar a20 red dots sight compare with gowutar a20 green dots sight front apperance
gowutar a20 red dots sight compare with gowutar a20 green dots sight back apperance

As picture shows, the outside of the lens of the red dot sight has a color film visible to the naked eye, while the green dot is transparent . It looks no different from ordinary glass, but it is actually coated too.

Transparency and color restoration

It is clear at a glance as shown in the picture. This is also what I think the biggest difference between red dot sight and green dot sight.

gowutar a20 red dots sight compare with gowutar a20 green dots sight transparency
gowutar a20 red dots sight compare with gowutar a20 green dots sight color restoration

No matter what brand of red dot sight it is, in actual use, there is a difference between the perception with the naked eye and the perception through the lens. Observing the environment through the lens, you will find that it is more or less bluish or yellowish. Generally, those with higher prices will have better color reproduction.

This gowutar's A20 has a very good color reproduction. Yes, it is similar to the Trijicon RMR/SRO series ($567) and Holosun 407C ($272), but the price A20 ($108) is much more affordable.

gowutar a20 red dots sight show good transparency

The color reproduction of the green dot sight is much better than that of the red dot sight, although there is almost no difference between viewing through the lens and the naked eye when in short-term use, same feeling between red dot sight and green dot sight, but the difference will be reflected over time, as time goes by, green dot sight will be more and more comfortable, cuz there will be no color difference between what you see through the mirror and the surrounding environment, more conducive to accurate shooting.

As for transparency, either in high lights or low lights, the red dot sight performs better than the green one.

Perception of astigmatism

I have slight astigmatism, but in my actual use, there is not much difference between the red dot sight and the green dot sight. However, I asked another friend of mine who has severe astigmatism. He prefers the green one, so the green dot sight is indeed more beneficial for users with astigmatism than the red one, this is also in line with optical principles, in spectral analysis, green is indeed the color our eyes are more adapted to.

spectrum analysis

Visual fatigue

When used for a long time, green dot sight will have more advantages. A very simple example, when our eyes are tired from reading books and newspapers for a long time, going out and looking at the green vegetation outdoors can always relax our eyes, so to a certain extent, the green dot sight is better at combating visual fatigue than the red one.

gowutar a20 red dots sight instal on glock usa paint gun


The specific choice of red dot sight or green dot sight should be based on the usage scenario. If it is just daily short-term training on the range, both are fine, but if it is some long-term hunting activities and night shooting training, the red dot sight will be more practical than the green one, red dot sight on the green background will give you a stronger visual experience, allowing you to react faster and make more precise shooting actions. In the case of low brightness at night, the human eye is also more sensitive to red. In addition, the red dot sight can be matched with almost all night vision devices, while the green dot sight can only be matched with some specific types.

gowutar a20 red dots sight instal on shotgun

All in all, a red dot sight is essential, and I believe most shooters own a few. Likewise, a green dot sight is worth owning at least one. It is a good experience to see the world with no difference in color through the scope!

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Above all is my truely experience, hope it can bring you some suggestions, and welcome comments below. In the next issue, I will compare the advantages and disadvantages of red and green dot in various aspects.

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