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How to sight in a GOWUTAR A17 Red dot sight on pistol?


GOWUTAR optics allow you to get on target faster, improve your acquiring POA speed and give you a higher level of confidence accordingly!

A20 red dot sight on pistol

When you got the A17 red dot sight, first you need to attach the sight to your firearm and zero it in.


Preparations before zeroing

  1. Please make sure the sight is properly mounted before use (check all of the screws to make sure they are tight).
  2. Adjust the brightness of your dot so that it is visible, ensure the red dot has a sharp contrast with the target.
  3. Place the sight on the target and press the trigger without moving the sight. You can accomplish stability by resting the gun on something more stable than you, a bench works well or something simple.


The sight has been preset at the factory, only minor adjustments should be required.

Steps for zeroing:

  1. Initial zeroing at shorter ranges is recommended before fine-tuning the sight for longer ranges. (zero at 25 yards is recommended! The red dot is 1 moa adjustment, 1 moa = 1 inch at 100 yds, so 1 moa = 1/4" at 25 yards)
  2. Fire a 3-shot group and observe the point of impact using an average of the group.
  3. At this point, you’ll need to adjust your red dot depending on where your shot ends up. The adjustments can be made by inserting the included mini wrench into the adjustment screw slots and twisting. (If your shots are too low, move your dot upwards; If they’re going to the left, move your dot to the right)

■ "UP" refers to Point of Impact (POI) not the actual dot. If you rotate in the direction of the arrow that says "UP" the dot will move DOWN, meaning the place your bullet will hit moves UP(comparatively).


  • If you want the dot Down, turn clockwise.
  • If you want the dot Up, turn counter-clockwise.
  • If you want the dot Left, turn clockwise.
  • If you want the dot Right, turn counter-clockwise.

Also, A17 green dot sight is the same.

zeroing a17 red dot sight


For our other models (such as A20, HHC-3C, HHC-V4, HHC-A18, HHC-B22), the adjustment direction is opposite:

  • If you want the dot Down, turn counter-clockwise.
  • If you want the dot Up, turn clockwise.
  • If you want the dot Left, turn counter-clockwise.
  • If you want the dot Right, turn clockwise.

zeroing gowutar a20 red dot sight


  1. Fire another group to confirm the zero of the sight. Repeat as necessary.



  1. Don't try to over rotate the knobs. If you feel the knobs cannot be rotated further, you are at the adjustment limit, further adjustment may damage the sight.
  2. If the required zero range is beyond the limits, consider adding extra spacer between the device and the mount rail to expand the adjusting range limits.


Hope the tips help you get a better and faster zero!

Any questions just feel free to contact us and we will be at your service!

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