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What's the best choice about reflex sight in turkey hunting?

What's the best choice about reflex sight in turkey hunting?


Turkey hunting season is coming, hope all of you have prepared your equipment and get your “Big Tom”! Maybe someone still has doubt about how to choose a right optic, today, let me introduce you an amazing one!

Gowutar A20 Red Dot sight & Gowutar A20 Green Dot Sight.

gowutar a20 red dot sight install on a turkey gun

(Picture from Buffalo's Outdoors)

Firstly, its 1800Gs shockproof, constructed from aviation-grade 7075 aluminum, fully able to withstand the recoil of a shotgun, whatever 12 gauge or 20 gauge, 3'' or 6''.

a20 red dot sight shows its shockproof

Secondly, its light weight and small size. During hunting, it is often necessary to camouflage and remain still for a long time. Small size helps concealment, and light weight helps reduce your burden. Length 1.69’’, width 1.14’’, height 1.06’’, and only 1.45oz weight.

a20 micro red dot sight size parameter

Thridly, its super sensitive shakeswake technology, 240s Auto off without motion & Auto on even with small motion, contributes to long-term covert camouflage, and save the optic battery life, up to 50000 hours. When the time comes, even small motion can awake the sight, helps you take a accurate shot, never miss the opportunity

a20 red dot sight shows its super sensitive shakeawake technology

Fourthly, its 10 illumination settings (8 daylight plus 2 NV) for visibility in all light conditions. During hunting, we will encounter different weather and lighting conditions, you can set the most suitable brightness in advance and wait for the opportunity.

a20 red dot sight 10 illumination settings

Fifthly, it can direct mounted on both RMR cut slide and Picatinny rails. For RMR style cut slide, it perfectly suits, you just need put it on and screw it, and for Picatinny rails, it comes with a low rides picatinny mount. Both are easy and convenient. However, most of the shotgun don’t have RMR cut slide, for picatinny rails, it may a little too high when mounted, want to keep it low and still mounted, then you can purchase an RMR adapter plate, the TRUGLO and DPP, both are good, about 30-50 bucks. One year ago, a hunting youtuber named “Buffalo's Outdoors” made a review on our A20 red dot sight, he installed the A20 red dot sight on his Mossberg 500 410 turkey gun and performed good, you can click here to watch the video and hope it can help you.

a20 red dot sight install on Mossberg 500 410 Turkey Gun
micro red dot sight mounted on shotgun's picatinny rails

Last but not least, its affordable price! Only $107.99 for red dot sight, even more, it is on sale now, you can enjoy 20% off by entering the code ’’ gowutar20off ‘’. You can purchase it for only $86.4. So, what are you waiting for? Get it now!

If you don’t know how to choose between the red dot and the green dot, you can red this blog: WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN RED DOT SIGHT AND GREEN DOT SIGHT? Most of time, we suggest you take the red one in hunting, however, if you have severe astigmatism, the green one would be better, also you can take both as backup. For more functions and requirements, the HHC-3C would be a good choice too, it has dot, circle, circle dot 3 modes to transform. Of course, more expensive than A20, but still in affordable level.

dot, circle, circle/dot micor reflex optic sight

(HHC-3C red dot sight)

That’s all, happy hunting and get your “Big Tom”. Any questions you can comments below.

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