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Offset Flip Up Fiber Optics Backup Iron Sight Set

Clear red & green dots for better aim at targets and improve accuracy; Dual rear sight hole design allows for quick transition to wide view or precise target mode.

Folding Toolless Adjustable Aircraft-grade Aluminum Fiber Optic Iron Sights are designed to mount on standard Picatinny and Weaver rails, they make a great upgrade for your rifle!

Red and green dots allow for faster target acquisition, can work alone or co-witness with red dot sights!

45 Degree Angle Picatinny rail mounted

45 degree offset allows for slight rotation to observe and engage targets.

Easily mounted on a 20mm standard rail using an Allen key, and can be mounted on the left or right side as desired.

Pop Up Design

Spring loaded flip up allowing for quick deployment.

When you need the sights, simply press the button to engage the iron sights from laying flat to up quickly; When you don't need the sights, push the button and flip down the sights manually to complete the fold.

Dual Aiming Apertures

Rear sight has dual apertures for quick target acquisition, perfect for short and long distance.

Toolless E&W Adjustment

The elevation of the front sight can be easily adjusted by the built-in screw; The windage of the rear sight is adjustable from the side screw.

Low-Profile & High Visibility

The sighting holes of the front and rear sights have red/green fluorescent dots, which is convenient to quickly find the aiming position in weak light or special situations.

Net Weight: 90g

Package Weight: 145g

Package Includes

‎1 x Fiber Optic Front Sight

‎1 x Fiber Optic Rear Sight ‎

2 x Allen Wrench

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