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Fiber Optics Red and Green Dot Flip Up Backup Iron Sight Set for Picatinny Rails

Clear dots for better aim at targets and improve accuracy; Dual rear sight hole design allows for quick transition to wide view or precise target mode.


Folding Adjustable Aircraft-grade Aluminum Fiber Optic Iron Sights are designed to mount on standard Picatinny and Weaver rails, they make a great upgrade for your rifle!

Red and green dots allow for faster target acquisition, can work alone or co-witness with red dot sights!


Dual Aiming Apertures

Rear sight has dual apertures for quick target acquisition, perfect for short and long distance.

Pop Up Design

Flip-up design with spring load push button, allowing for quick deployment.

When you need the sights, simply press the button to engage the iron sights from laying flat to up quickly; When you don't need the sights, push the button and flip down the sights manually to complete the fold.

Toolless E&W Adjustment

The elevation of the front sight can be easily adjusted by the built-in screw; The windage of the rear sight is adjustable from the side screw.

Picatinny rail mounted

Easily mounted on a 20mm standard rail using an Allen key.

Low-Profile & High Visibility

The sighting holes of the front and rear sights have red/green fluorescent dots, which is convenient to quickly find the aiming position in weak light or special situations.

Package Includes

1 x Fiber Optic Front Sight

‎1 x Fiber Optic Rear Sight ‎

2 x Allen Wrenches

Net Weight: 97g

Package Weight: 150g

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