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20 free Iron Sights Giveaway - Father's Day, 2024

Event Organizer: GOWUTAR

Eligible Participants: All fans who have joined the "Gowutar" Facebook group

Selection Date: Father's Day, 2024

Number of Prizes: 20 sets of free iron sights

Distribution: One set iron sight per selected fan



Hello to all our valued group members,

In celebration of Father's Day, we are excited to announce a special giveaway event! Once our Facebook group reaches over 200 fans, we will be giving away 20 sets of free iron sights.

(If the group does not reach 200 fans by Father's Day, the number of prizes will be reduced proportionally)


Activity Process:

  1. 20 lucky fans will be randomly selected from our eligible participants. The winners will be announced on our Facebook page.
  2. Winners must DM us their shipping details within 48 hours of the announcement to claim their iron sight (winner has the right to choose the iron sight model)


Content Sharing:

Winners are required to share at least one photo or a short video of the iron sight mounted on their firearm. Submissions must be posted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or relevant forums and should meet a minimum quality standard: clear, well-lit, focused.


Privacy and Permissions:

Personal information collected will only be used for the purpose of this giveaway and will be protected in accordance with our privacy policy.

By participating, fans grant GOWUTAR permission to use their submitted photos and videos for promotional purposes.